Excellent Realtor

I would to like to introduce each of you to one of my business colleagues, Mr. Tom Rankin; who … is a dear friend, my neighbor and a real-time professional real-estate agent and partner with “The Flagship of all Houston & Cypress area real-estate companies, Keller Williams Signature Realty”

First, Tom I have known for numerous years and can say … enthusiastically that he is genuine, very knowledgeable of the market industry, he is brutally personable, he has a bent to providing extreme attention to details – when conducting business with him and most importantly, he is solely driven to add-value to your home-ownership purchasing, selling or leasing experience!

I realize that this season that many of you are considering … selling your home, looking for real estate investment property or just purchasing a newer home to accommodate your present life-style – whether investing in a larger property, or down-sizing to a more convenient homestead to properly fit your needs. Well I am asking … you personally to please consider Mr. Tom Rankin; because he does ONLY one thing, that’s to provide you with personalize expert attention – to sell or place you in your home, period end of story!

Now Tom will indeed help you with current … expert advice – from providing you with the current market value of your home, the very latest market trends, real-time valuable market statistics regarding your home, or (target) purchase home area – to give you the most-value possible, with the leading industry leader, and the vast unlimited resources of Keller Williams – Signature, as your full-time agent, working (with smarts and focused-precision) each day for you, as his only … client and home-listing.

Lastly, I personally … recommend Tom to you (dear-friends) to be a most-valuable resource for you for any of your home (sell, purchasing, investing, for-sale-by-owner etc). So please give Tom a call if you should have any questions regarding an upgrade, home-renovation, or a 2018 New Purchase Move.  Also if … you should know anyone of your family, colleagues and friends who needs a personal real-time 24/7 agent – that will work very … hard for each of his clients, bringing them as much value as possible to “EARN” their business.